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5 Reasons Why Finnish People are Fantastic Visitors for Your Region

You could say that traveling is a national hobby in Finland. When it comes to travel, everybody does it.

Thus, it is no surprise that the annual Matka Nordic Travel Fair gathers more than 50 000 Finns to fuel their wanderlust. From individualistic generation Z to curious empty nesters, they are all searching for their next travel experience!

Here are the five reasons why Finns are fantastic visitors for your region!

Reason 1: Finns are motivated to travel

We Finns are a fruitful niche to cater because we have the inbuilt desire to get away once in a while.

We rejoice the distinctive seasons of Finland but, on the other hand, guaranteed warmth is one of our top reasons to travel. Did you know that between May and August 2018, Finns took 3,2 million vacation trips abroad? A tourism board is a perfect initiator to spark our curiosity towards a destination because we Finns appreciate reliable, comprehensive recommendations.

Reason 2: Finns share their passion for travel with each other

In general, we Finns aren’t the most talkative people. But, if there’s one thing we love to talk about, it’s our holidays!

We share destination tips, suggest charming hotels where we have stayed and recommend activities which were the highlights of our vacation.

Furthermore, we inspire our loved ones to travel with us! Traveling with grandparents or friends is popular in Finland. Even though we love solitude at our summer cabin, we welcome a bigger pack on a holiday trip overseas.

For a specific demographic group, word-of-mouth marketing may even make your region a phenomenon. For example, the Finnish millennials have gone from escape holidays in Bali to renting villas in Tuscany and exploring the island of Mallorca. Your region could be the next hit!

Reason 3: Finns are sensible

Accustomed to brutal weather and logic before rage, we Finns are sensible when situations change, and things don’t go as planned.

We take our responsibility as a traveler seriously and are happy to be sustainable, just let us know how!

Reason 4: Finns love to explore the local

As getting to know the world is a big reason to travel for us, most Finns want to discover the rich culture and history of the destination.

Nature has a special place in our hearts. We are interested in the hidden spots of your region: secret paths, gardens and other must-see places. For many Finns, the best part about traveling is eating. Trying local food and discovering new flavors makes our trip complete.

Reason 5: Targeting Finns is easy

As resources are limited, it’s great when you can effectively reach a niche. According to Matka Nordic Travel Fair research, 75% of Finns search online for travel information. Make sure that you are offering helpful content for the digitally savvy Finnish traveler. Nothing beats a physical meet, though.

Matka Nordic Travel Fair is a cost-efficient way to target a vast crowd of travel-loving Finns and give them concrete travel inspiration. With Finns, you will need no small talk. Promptly ask “When’s your next holiday?” and a Finn will tell!

About the author
Varpu Pöyry is a retail professional and the author of Her Finland blog. She helps people to experience Finland and understand the Finnish lifestyle. She loves fresh cinnamon buns and telling about the cultural facts of Finland.

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