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7 Ways how Finnish Customers are Wonderful Business for a Tour Operator

You must know the story about Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs! Together they formed an unusual family that most of us wouldn’t have had the imagination to come up with.

Similarly, targeting Finnish customers may first sound like a fairytale. However, these travel enthusiasts from the north have many attractive features that make them wonderful real-life customers!

This article describes the seven awesome characteristics of Finns which make them worth your while.

1. Finns are loyal

”Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke,” is a popular saying in Finland. We Finns like to use our time wisely. If we find an operator who ticks all our boxes, we are super loyal.

Suggest us to try another product by your company, and we are likely to have a go based on our previous, great experiences.

2. Finns are careful

Finns are careful, but why is that? Because in Finnish culture, it’s a horrible thing to be an inconvenience. Both doing things wrong or not being on time are nuisances we want to avoid.

The amount of mishap is minimal when it comes to Finnish travelers. An early morning? No problem. Unsure about a meeting point? We’ll ask.

3. Finns love easiness

We Finns love simplicity. Booking a tour is the perfect solution to effortless traveling! As we appreciate knowing in advance how much things cost, one great price including everything is a marvelous approach when having Finnish customers.

4. Finns appreciate packages

Finns have a taste for package holidays. That is especially the case with the empty nesters and elderly travelers. Besides easiness, the reasons to book a package vacation include shyness to use a foreign language and the historical dominance of package holidays before the era of self-organized trips.

On the other hand, package holidays work very well when it comes to hobbies and specific interests. Think horseback riding, hiking, cooking holidays, wine tasting tours and wellness retreats.

That kind of holidays have so many moving parts and things to remember, that we Finns understand the value of full service and a well-organized itinerary with proper gear.

5. Finns are honest

If you want to improve your concepts, products or service, ask a Finn! You will get an honest opinion without overdramatizing the matter. In Finland, criticism without a solution idea is regarded as whining. Thus, when giving feedback, many Finns will include suggestions what to do instead.

6. Finns are sensible

Finns on vacation are in a good mood. We travel to escape the ordinary and to relax! Most trips are smooth sailing, but circumstances change. It’s inevitable that sometimes things don’t go according to plan.

In general, Finns respond rationally to unexpected situations that are thrown our way.

7. Finns are talkative

Yes, you read that right. Although Finns don’t talk too much, we love talking about our vacations! We share our pictures on social media, write travel reviews and tell fascinating details of our latest trip over a cup of coffee.

Good tips travel fast, and with a happy Finnish customer, you have high chances to book more customers from Finland!

About the author
Varpu Pöyry is a retail professional and the author of Her Finland blog. She helps people to experience Finland from Finnish greetings to the sauna etiquette in Finland.

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