16.1.2020 11:30 - 12:20 · Inspiration Stage · Ammattilaiset

Social Media Influencers’ role in sharing news on crises

In a world where news travel fast, social media influencers play a critical role in the information chain. Especially in global crisis situations, the need for source criticism is highlighted. Join us for a discussion between the leading experts in the field of crisis journalism, sharing their personal experiences of news sharing during crisis situations and their best practices for source evaluation.
The panel discussion is organized by PING Helsinki, in collaboration with Mediapool and HybridCoE.

Jenni Virtanen (@jennivirtanen), Abigail King (@insidetravellab), Melvin Boecher (@traveldudes). The discussion will be moderated by Inna-Pirjetta Lahti (@innastus, @pinghelsinki)

Jenni Virtanen is a Brussels based correspondent for the leading Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat. Virtanen follows EU politics, France and European current affairs. She has worked as an editor for HS foreign desk and as a journalist in public broadcaster YLE and in economic newspaper Taloussanomat.

Abigail King is an award-winning journalist and social media "influencer," whose work has appeared in National Geographic Traveler, Lonely Planet, the BBC, Red, CNN and more. She is the founder of Inside the Travel Lab, regularly ranked as one of the best travel blogs in the world.

Melvin Boecher, the founder and CEO of Travel Dudes, COO of iambassador, is a pioneer and one of the top travel bloggers in the world. With over 260000 on Twitter and 120 000 on Facebook, Travel Dudes is an industry leader within the field of travel influencer marketing. In partnership with clients, Travel Dudes creates cost-effective, inspirational and engaging travel content for digital and social platforms, reaching an audience of over three million travelers each month.

The discussion will be moderated by Inna-Pirjetta Lahti, Finland’s leading pioneer on influencer marketing and social media expert. She is the founder and CEO of PING Helsinki, a forerunning human to human digital marketing company helping both influencers and companies in creating and executing responsible influencer collaborations. PING Helsinki is also the creator of PING Ethics, the ethical code meant for all social media influencers.

  • Aika: 16.1.2020 11:30 - 12:20
  • Paikka: Inspiration Stage
  • Esiintyjät: Jenni Virtanen, Abigail King, Melvin Boecher, Inna-Pirjetta Lahti