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Matka Workshop Day 19 May 2021


Use your time efficiently: meet potential business partners according to pre-planned schedule!

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Matka Workshop Day

Matka Workshop Day is the largest travel trade event in Northern Europe: meet potential business partners in Workshop Day according to pre-planned schedule. Workshop Day consists of two events: In Meet Finland Finnish service providers meet international tour operators and in Global Workshop you are able to make appointments with buyers from Finland, Nordic Countries, Russia, the Baltic countries as well as from other parts of the world.

We work with airlines, among others, to ensure that the right buyers are present at the event. Seller companies can meet buyers from both events.

Registration will open in January

Meet Finland

In Meet Finland domestic services meet foreign travel companies. Meet Finland allows you present your products and services as well as network with foreign travel companies. To insure that your meetings are worth of your time, we will check the backgrounds of every buyer and invite only the right ones to the event. Meet Finland is also very well known among the Russian buyers.

“My co-participants in the fair have told me that this is the best -ever-organized -tour-trade-fair that they have been to!”.


Global Workshop

In Global Workshop you are able to make appointments with buyers from Finland, Nordic Countries, Russia, the Baltic countries as well as from other parts of the world. We have developed our cooperation with strategic partners in order to attract even more buyers from all over the world especially Asia.

“Congratulations! One of the best fairs I have ever attended ! Qualitative meetings, well organized, great workshop day! Will surely come back!”.

Participation and prices

  • Participation requires also participation to Matka Nordic Travel Fair (as either a main exhibitor or a co-exhibitor).
  • Stand under 15 m² allows you to have one table, stand at least 16 m² allows you to have max 5 tables. Number of tables on stands of 90 m² and more: according to agreement.

Global Workshop price: 1 200 euro + VAT
Global Workshop price after 30 January 2021:
1 490 euro + VAT

Meet Finland price: 1 460 euro + VAT
Meet Finland price after 30 January 2021:
2 060 euro + VAT

How to participate

When you login to and see Matka 2021 fair in ‘My events and orders’, you can purchase your Workshop Day -participation as follows:

  • Go to
  • Log in
  • Choose MATKA 2021
  • My events and orders
  • Order more
  • Recommended products and services
  • Meet Finland (Finnish companies) or Global Workshop (international companies)

If you are part of a larger exhibition entity, please contact Anna Molander-Bry or Laura Kaijanto. If there will be a co-exhibitors on your stand, please register also them as exhibitors in Matka as soon as possible.

Supplier profiles will be prepopulated with info from exhibitor data base. All suppliers will receive a personal link through which the profile will be completed.

If you are a tour operator or travel agent, and involved in initiating or authorizing purchasing decisions on travel-related products and services, you are welcome to participate as a buyer.

Contact me for more information!

Maaret Manninen

Project Manager / Matka Workshop Day

+358 400 986 416