What can Matka Nordic Travel Fair and Finland offer to an international exhibitor?

What is this Matka you are talking about? you may ask.

Organized annually in January at Messukeskus Helsinki in Finland, the Matka Nordic Travel Fair is the largest travel industry event in Northern Europe. Every year, the fair features 1,000 tour operators, destinations, and tourism service companies from more than 80 countries. In addition to that, more than 50,000 consumers and 20,000 travel industry professionals visit the event.

For the first two days the fair is open only for travel trade professionals to conduct business in various forums. After these two intensive B2B days, the fair opens its doors for the general public to enjoy the international travelling atmosphere.

Matka offers you straightforward business according to your interests, whether they lie in selling and promoting to Finnish consumers, buyers from around the world or buying Finland to your countrymen.

Why target Finnish and Nordic consumers?

If you are looking for lucrative consumers with purchasing power, then we have something for you. With over 50,000 annual consumer visitors, Matka gives you access to highly travel-minded Finns!

We Nordic consumers have purchasing power and are willing to spend, vacations being one of the top items in which to spend. According to the international traveling survey by Momondo, 18% of Finnish people say their most preferred thing to spend money on is traveling.

Stable currency combined to a desire for traveling

Even our weather advocates your participation. In an ever-increasing manner the unpredictability of the weather here in the north has sparked an interest in spending our vacations somewhere else. According to a recent survey by the Association of Finnish Travel Agents, an astonishing 98% of Finnish people are considering traveling somewhere abroad during summer.

There are also plenty of other reasons why you would want Finns as your customers. Our currency is quite stable and salaries are good when compared to many other countries. Our holidays are considerably long, and let us not forget that the Helsinki airport has an excellent geographical location between Europe and Asia and it offers a variety of direct flights and connecting flights from a multitude of different airlines. In fact, Helsinki is the leading long-haul airport in Scandinavia and an important transfer hub in whole Europe.

A platform for meeting everyone you’ll ever want to meet

Despite the rationality of the arguments in the section above, you may be yearning for something more. Maybe you are a visionary with a grand scheme and an interest in taking over the larger Nordic markets? Well then, think of Matka as a good first base for your Nordic endeavors. A gateway to the Nordics and beyond!

Even if your interests lie within multiple domains, such as reaching B2B and B2C target groups from several different markets, the various forums at Matka ensure that you’ll meet all the important players in the field and leap towards your goals.

Let’s say that alongside Finland you have goals set towards the Baltic countries and Russia. At Matka, you’ll get a taste of the Nordic, Baltic and Russian markets under one roof, in one weekend. Depending on your goals, we will direct you to the right forums and the right people.

Come visit and see for yourself!

One last thing…Finland is a great thing to buy!

Scenic summer panorama of the Market Square (Kauppatori) at the Old Town pier in Helsinki, Finland

Depending on your objectives, there is also the possibility of buying Finland to your countrymen. During the Matka Workshop Day and the days after you can conduct business with operators from Finland that give you the best we have to offer. And here is the reason why!

The Nordics and Finland are gaining more interest around the globe in an increasing manner, and why wouldn’t they?

“Finland is a little hidden gem located far up North. While we might be small in size, we’re big in things to discover.”says Visit Finland, the government organization responsible for developing Finnish travel and tourism around the world.

What we have here is something unique in today’s world: nature, silence, clean lakes, midnight sun and the magical northern lights. Helsinki, an amazing and lively capital with space to breathe, comes to life during the summer with endless festivals, buzzing food scene and other summer activities.

In the wintertime the slopes in the northern parts of Finland draw skiers. Others come for the snowy landscapes, aurora borealis, the untouched nature and, of course, the real Santa Claus who lives up in Lapland.

Appealing winters and a safe environment

Our winter activities have a unique appeal – ice fishing, dog sledding, hunting and saunas will ensure the full winter wonderland experience found from bucket lists all around the world.

Winter activities in Finland have an unique appeal.

One of the most amazing things about Finland is safety. Finland is one of the safest countries in the world, so travelers will not have to worry about a thing. Crime rate is low, and you can walk pretty much anywhere without worrying about your belongings or yourself. This makes Finland also a great destination for families.

The Helsinki airport just broke their record on incoming passengers so far this year, with 8.6% growth – the busiest ever first half there. If you want your people to experience something different, travel to Finland. You will not be disappointed.

Whatever your objectives are, if they include Finland, the Baltics, Russia or the larger Nordic markets, then Matka is the event to attend. Our Nordic work ethic, reliability, punctuality and language skills ensure that your visit to Matka will be a success. Those are also the same reasons why Finns are especially great also as partners.

MATKA is your gateway to the world and the best markets. See you up north next January!