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Matka Travel Fair 19-21 Jan 2024

Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre

Fri-Sun 19-21 Jan 2024 at 10.00–18.00

Matka Trade Day for Trade Visitors

Thu 18 Jan 2024 at 9.00-18.00

Exhibit at Matka Special areas

Matka Travel Fair 2024 

Matka is the largest travel industry event in Northern Europe

Our programme features talks and presentations on the latest travel and tourism trends, travellers’ tales from around the world, and other useful topics. We’ll even help you choose your next travel destination. Our exhibitors showcase a wide range of exciting package deals, flights, accommodation options and last-minute offers for holidays you’ll never forget. Your ticket is also good for the Caravan 2024 event. 

At the Matka Travel Fair 2024 event, you’ll be guaranteed to find your perfect vacation, whether you’re dreaming of a city break or a beach getaway in Kuopio or Kathmandu. Alongside everyone’s favourite destinations in Finland and Europe, we’ll bring you fascinating long-haul options and introduce brand new countries to explore. 

Our hundreds of exhibitors provide visitors with useful tips and irresistible offers, not forgetting the chance to enter dozens of travel contests and giveaways. We also pay close attention to sustainable tourism, looking at minimizing the negative impacts of global travel while at the same time embracing the joy of travelling and exploring the world. 

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Pictures from Matka 2023: