Did you know these 4 things about Nordic consumer behavior?

The biggest travel trade fair held in Northern Europe, MATKA Travel Fair 2018, will once again gather over 50 000 consumers and 20 000 travel professionals under the same roof in Finland in January 2018. There are many great reasons to attend, such as the chance of meeting a lot of travel-hungry Nordic people.

Although small individually, the importance of the Nordic countries as a group is significant.

Did you know that the Nordic region is bigger than the whole India, making it the seventh largest landmass in the world?

The Nordic people are travelers at heart


The Nordic people are living in one of the coldest and the darkest parts of the world. The great news: they prefer to spend their vacations under the palm trees, for a good reason we could say. Some search for more adventurous destinations with breathtaking nature, and some head out to explore big cities and bubbly metropolitan atmosphere.

Safe to say, The Nordic people have always been travelers at heart. is also what makes them great potential customers for your business.

But what is their consumer behavior like? Let’s find out!


1. They like to travel


Like described above, the Nordic people are open minded and eager to see the world and new cultures. Also, they definitely need an extra dose of the Vitamin D, as the Nordic summer can be quite short and well, cold. Finnish and Danish people travel abroad approximately about 1.84 times a year, Swedes 1.96 times a year and the Norwegian people pass their fellow Nordics with 2.38 times a year. Norway and Sweden are actually in the top 5 of traveling nations. (lähteet linkiksi numeroihin)



Also, 98% of Finnish people said they are considering traveling somewhere abroad during the summer according to the Summer vacation inquiry 2017 by the Finnish travel agency union. So basically the hunt of the next trip is continuous. Participating to MATKA Travel Fair will give you the opportunity to be a considerable option amongst the people who feel the need to flee the Finnish summer.

2. They are looking for new destinations all the time


We all know that there are people who fall in love with a place wanting to visit the same destination again and again, and then there are people who like to find new places every time to fall in love with. People from Nordic countries are at the top of the list when it comes to visiting different countries at each trip.




According to the Nordic Statistics Survey 2016 the share of people from the Nordic countries who have visited more than 10 countries is large compared to the other countries. MATKA Travel Fair is exactly the place to meet these travel junkies luring them to choose the next destination to fall in love with.

3. When they travel, they enjoy life


When traveling, the Nordic people appreciate reasonable prices, but also high quality. According to the survey by LähiTapiola insurance company the average Finnish person (15-74) spends approximately 1120 euros on a holiday. Vacation is usually long awaited and well planned, and the money for the vacation is saved carefully beforehand.

4. Their purchasing power is one of the best in the whole world


All of the Nordic countries are on the list of the top 30 richest countries in the world. Economies in the Nordic countries are steady, and salaries considerably good.

Also, did you know that the combined gross domestic product of the Nordic Region makes it the world’s 12th largest economy? The Nordic region’s GDP per capita is actually bigger than the whole EU’s. So this is definitely the area and the people you need to reach with your business.

Did we convince you yet?


Finland is a great place to visit, and MATKA Travel Fair is definitely beneficial for your business. First two days at MATKA are wholly reserved to Travel Professionals from all around the world and it is a great opportunity to introduce your ideas, benchmark you colleagues, network and learn about the new winds blowing in the industry, among other things.