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5 Mistakes to Avoid when Marketing Your Travel Company in Finland

Most people would argue that marketing is essentially selling. Unfortunately, many Finns dislike selling, especially the feeling of being pushed to buy. However, marketing is a form of helping. And you know what? We Finns love to be helped! Take this approach, and you’ll do marvelous things in the Finnish market.

You are helping the Finnish customer to have the best travel ever! Furthermore, you want to help as many Finns as possible to enjoy fantastic traveling through your service and expertise.

So, what are the five main mistakes you can do when marketing your travel company to Finnish people? And what to do instead?

Mistake #1 for a travel company in Finland: Not following up

As we know, the five stages of traveling are dreaming, planning, booking, experiencing, and sharing. At the Matka Nordic Travel Fair, you can meet over 50 000 travel-loving Finns. Many of them are ready to book and grab your incredible special offer!

However, some Finns attending are in the dreaming and planning phases. You have already made a fabulous first impression, so not following up is a big mistake.

Do instead: Make sure you have a marketing offer for customers in each phase to maximize your sales during and after the Matka fair. Double check your tactics on how to convert dreamers and planners to book. Cost efficient niche-targeted approaches could include search engine optimization, social media, and influencers.

Mistake #2 for a travel company in Finland: Not telling your secrets

Not telling your best tips for free as effortlessly as possible, will make Finns doubtful and uncertain of the value you can give. We Finns love straight questions and concise advice!

Do instead: Make your “Top 5” or your “Bucket List” and share it generously with everyone. On the B2B market, think what helpful insights you can give to your potential business partner.

Mistake #3 for a travel company in Finland: Not turning happy customers into advocates

Not asking your satisfied Finnish customers to show their love is a major ball drop. Happy customers are delighted to promote you and let everybody know that you have a fantastic product or service! Sharing positive customer feedback is an authentic way to build sales, not to mention how it will inspire and motivate your staff.

Do instead: Most companies have easy platforms to give feedback. However, many forget the most important thing: One should actively, personally ask feedback and referrals to get them!

Mistake #4 for a travel company in Finland: Not focusing on peer power

We Finns spend a lot of times online and on social media. At the moment, we hang out on Facebook, Instagram and discussion boards. When Finns are planning and booking, we search for peer reviews. We definitely trust a review by a fellow Finn. Thus, not staying alert of the online discussion is a massive fail.

Do instead: Be present, answer questions and comments on different platforms. That will create trust with your community. Translate Finnish reviews to understand what your customers are saying. Remember that few negative comments won’t hurt your business if you are showing you care!

Mistake #5 for a travel company in Finland: Not working together with your suppliers

The first seconds determine if you are a potential travel company for the Finnish customer. Does your business look charming and professional? Are you maximizing marketing opportunities with your suppliers? Don’t settle when it comes to building your brand!

Do instead: Ask suppliers for great visuals, videos, and marketing materials annually to look fresh. If you work with Finnish suppliers, have brainstorm sessions to understand more about the market and Finnish people.

About the author
Varpu Pöyry is a retail professional and the author of Her Finland blog. She helps people to experience Finland from the south to Lapland and understand the Finnish lifestyle.

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